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divorce counseling

Are you ready to divorce your partner

          because you don't love them any longer?


Or, has the way you communicate become unbearable?

If criticism, contempt, stonewalling and defensivenes are running rampant through your relationship, a break up is most likely immenent. When interactions lead to more hurt and it seems you can't talk to our partner, the natural conclusion is that you must be incompatable.  It must be that you can't get along with them.


Yet, what if there was a way to break that negative cycle and replace it with a positively based one? What if it isn't your partner that is the problem, but tthe negative cycle?  Would you still want to work on the relationship?



"When I first spoke to Marlon and learned how important is was for our son's long term health and welfare that we deal with the conflict still around after our divorce, I knew this was wise.  Even through some intense conversations in session, Marlon hung in there and helped us find a way to stay focused on being good parents, even when our relationship was over.                                                                          

                                                                                                                     -M & G, Bellevue

On the other hand, if one partner is no longer interested in working on the relationship and has put their tennis racquet down and walked off the court, then divorce therapy is often very beneficial, emotionally and financially.  It is possible to dismantle the formal relationship or marriage and still maintain a workable relationship.  


A low conflict relationship between ex spouses is absolutely critical, researched and proven to be beneficial for the well being and future health of any children involved.  It is possible to get to a place of working together as parents even though the marriage or relationship is over.  

It takes two to play tennis, so if you and your partner are still willing to engage, then tools from EFT, Gottman and others may still pull you together.  If two people engage in the process, anything is possible.