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Greg McBride Counseling

Greg's book, Finding Your Integrity, can still be purchaed from Lulu here.


"Life is messy. We all fall into patterns that don’t work and keep trying the same things over and over again. This little book is intended to get you unstuck. It’s not just another one-size-fits-all book of daily inspirations; these little thoughts will help you completely re-design your life.


They have been kitchen-tested in my own life, as well as the lives of my clients, with great success. The first step towards taking control of your life is to be conscious of the choices you make. In this book, Greg walks you through the questioning process that leads many of his clients down a surprising new path."            

                                      ~Greg McBride


Adam Seward, MA LMHCA

Adam has known Greg for over 25 years and has adopted many aspects of Greg’s style and approach in his own work. Adam has degrees in psychology and clinical counseling and has been practicing in Bellevue for the past 9 years.  


"I use a strategic and heart-centered approach to improve relationships. This includes feedback, education, and "homework" furnished to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.  I bring strong diagnostic skills that enable me to accurately diagnosis depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and other mental health concerns."


For more information about Adam you can visit his website  or you can contact him directly at 425-760-5724.


Colin Preston, MA MA LMFT

Colin and Greg worked together for fifteen years and share a common approach to understanding client issues.  Colin has been in practice for twenty years, working with individuals, couples, and families. His background includes degrees and publication work with UCLA, Stanford, and Santa Clara University.


"In addition to specializing in all areas of individual issues (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, overwhelm), I also conduct a wide range of couples work (communication and intimacy, couples reconstruction, amicable divorce).

Additional degrees in psychology, neuroscience, and education allow me to work with a wide range of family support systems as needed, including both doctors and teachers."


Colin is a WA state supervisorial-level therapist with a clinical focus in cognitive-behavioral, goal-focused therapy designed to promote immediate outcomes for clients. 


He can be reached 206.790.1234 or by clicking here to send Colin an email.

"I will be loving, honest, grateful & forgiving of myself

            And or

Another in what I do or say . . . "

                                                    ~Gregory Thomas McBride

Angela Fernandes, MA, LMHCA

Angela opened her practice in November 2015 after earning her degree from Seattle University’s Graduate Psychology Program. She has degrees in psychology and theatre.


She trained with her good friend and mentor, Gregory McBride, as an intern in his counseling practice for several years. Before succumbing to lung cancer in March 2015, he made it his final project to teach her all that he knew about relationships and human behavior. Together they had an uncanny knack for puzzling through the human psyche with understanding and an irreverent sense of humor. In honor of his last request, she delivered the eulogy at his funeral service.


She welcomes Greg’s former clients to her practice as well as any new faces. Her approach is creative and sometimes unorthodox, but always with a focus on the path towards growth and integrity. Her special interests include trauma, alcoholism and addictions, and relationship issues of all kinds. She also welcomes those suffering from more severe and chronic mental disorders who feel they have not been helped elsewhere.


Angela can be reached at or by phone at 919-812-6419.

Greg McBride was a relationship counselor, addiction specialist, and an experienced educator who maintained a private counseling practice in Washington from 1983 to November 2014.  Greg passed away on the evening of March 27, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.


Prior to Greg leaving, he asked Marlon Familton to help coordinate the continued care for all his clients.  If you are visiting this page looking for counseling support, please feel free to contact Marlon by clicking on the contact link above, or read about the following counselors.  Both Adam, Colin and Angela were colleagues and friends and are ready to support you.