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individual counseling

Are you battling Depression?


Are you in a suffering from anxiety or PTSD?


Do you or the people around you struggle with your anger?

Human beings are trauma based.  When we suffer trauma, our body works hard to avoid, at all costs, re-exposure.  This can lead to anxiety, eating problems, inability to leave the house and more.  My role as a therapist is to not only help you find clarity around the thoughts and emotions you have, but to also help you find relief.  




There are literally thousands of therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches that you could chose to see.  Why choose me?  Because I am effective at focusing in on the relevant issue that you want to work on.  Even more than that, I am able to provide a secure, non-blaming and non-judgmental environment for you to feel safe enough to do the inner work necessary for change to occur.  No matter what your situation or past might be, no matter what the problem, I am here to stand with you during a difficult time.

why choose me?

"Marlon was there during a challenging time when I needed someone to talk to.  He helped me to feel valued  and understood so that I could figure out what was most important to me.  This allowed me to make the best decisions for me."

                                                                             - K.K.

It may be helpful to gain clarity about what's happening inside you and integrate the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that may have been excluded from your awareness. In doing this work, you can create new meanings from past or present events.  It is possible to rewrite your history and help you move toward what you want, towards your the real self you can love.

There are many tools we can use to understand the landscape of the problem and the decisions you face.  Together we can locate and question the thoughts and beliefs that are causing you emotional pain.   When we find them, we can use traditional therapy as well as cutting edge tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique or Lifespan Integration Therapy to clear out the old and icky feelings that sit like emotional icebergs waiting to sink you.