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individual relationship counseling

Are you in a relationship right now and struggling to make it work?


Is your partner unwilling to engage in counseling with you?  


Do you feel alone in facing the challenges life is throwing at you?  

These situations are difficult to face when your partner won't come in, however they are not impossible to change.  The goal is to make the relationship feel better and find renewed hope.  You can take actions that may bring you closer to the love and happiness you want.


Relationships that are not working well have a negative cycle; a pattern of interacting that leaves both partners frustrated, distant and not getting their needs met.  When one person begins to change their contribution to that cycle, it is possible for the relationship to feel better.



"My partner refused to come in with me, believing that there wasn't a problem.  Marlon was able to help me figure out what my partner's reactions were about and respond more effectively to start improving my relationship ."

                                                                                                  - T.R.

It takes two to play tennis, so if you and your partner are still willing to engage, then tools from EFT, Gottman and others may still pull you together.  If two people engage in the process, anything is possible.